Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Conservation and Protection of Water Catchment Areas (Gabions, Afforestation, Terracing, Pepper and Bamboo planting along Wetlands, river banks and riparian zones, Rain Water Harvesting and Storage In Institutions, Springs protection programs)

Development (Provision of Water storage facilities to institutions, construction of water retention structures: Pans and dams, Boreholes drilling and equipping, Water Pipeline Network extension programs, Water supply scheme development and rehabilitation programs, Sanitation Systems Development, Promotion of Eco-friendly toilets (Biodigesters) and Hygiene Promotion)

Management and Governance- Supporting development of Water Governance policies, regulations, and legislation’s, Participation in WASH Forums, Strategic plans development, Monitoring and evaluation

Cross Cutting Issues incorporating Research, Capacity Building in WASH, Water for Food Security (Promotion of Irrigation , Drainage, Storm Water, Blue Economy, Promotion of Democracy and Peace Building Programs, Lobbying and Fundraising Action Plans)