Poverty Reduction and Community Livelihood Improvement

The program aims at improving the living standards for small scale farmers, fishermen, traders, boda-boda (Bicycles and Motor bikes) workers, quarry workers and the urban poor while focusing on improving household incomes, food and nutrition.

Focuses on increasing the range of Assets to which a Person or Household has Access, Or on an Increasing access to particular types of capital with the ultimate aim of Improving Long-Term Livelihood Security and the Quality of Life.

Using micro-level research, replicability and upscaling simple rural livelihood improvement strategies [(Supporting community led savings and loans schemes, promotion of Sacco’s, Farming (Subsistence and Trade) Alternative livelihoods promotions: Apiculture, Indigenous poultry, Aquaculture, Micro-Financing, Ecotourism and Agroforestry)] as a reality check on the macroeconomic policies.

Supporting poverty monitoring Institutions and livelihood research with a view to establishing sustainable poverty reduction enabled environment and thus Incorporating Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Sustainable Initiatives

Promotion of Democracy and Human Rights Intervention while rapidly responding to Humanitarian Aid calls (Floods, Drought, Famine, Pollution, Conflicts and Invasions)