Environment and Natural Resources

Conservation and Protection of key biodiversity ecosystems (Riparian zoning, Indigenous trees species regeneration, restoration of degraded areas, youth mentorship through environmental clubs, participation in environmental conservation campaign/awareness, flood and drought mitigation activities incorporating pollution control measures)

Development (Establishment of Tree Nurseries, Trainings and plantings, beautification programs, Woodlots, Promotion of Energy saving technologies for climate adaptation, Promotion of Solar systems, Biogas and Biomass (brickets), Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM).

Management and Governance- Capacity Building in Environment and Natural Resources, Disaster Response (Climate-Early warning systems), Soil and Water Conservation Programs, and development of natural-resource related management plans (wetlands, forests)

Cross Cutting Issues (Climate Change, Green Energy, emissions reductions, Promotion of Democracy and Peace Building Programs, Lobbying and Fundraising Action Plans)