About Us

CORESDI is a Non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Kenya registered on 6th July, 2012 under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organization Act. We work towards integrating research findings into providing sustainable solutions for environmental conservation, community development and livelihoods improvement for both rural and urban populations. The organization was founded with the understanding that new inventions and identification of improved approaches provides a real mix for harmonious co-existence among-st the world populations especially in the face of climate-related problems. The founders’ vision are envisaged in promoting Sustainable Development on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; Environmental Conservation; Food Security; Good Governance; Healthy lives; Entrepreneurship’s; Disaster Response and Management; Poverty Reduction; Socio-Cultural Promotions; Renewable Energy and Climate Change Through Research, Capacity Building, Effective Planning, Coordination, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Initiatives.


Towards Sustainably Developed and Empowered Society.

Community Level Vision

Tailor- made Local Solutions Empowering the Communities


To Promote Linkages and Partnerships with the like-minded organizations focusing on our thematic Initiatives for enhanced Environmental Conservation, Community Development and Livelihoods.

Our Objectives

CORESDI’s Objectives Include

Promotion of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programmes through Research, Advocacy, Training’s (Capacity Building), Proposal Writing and Effective Implementation of Sub-Programmes on WASH Conservation, Development, Operation and Maintenance, Management, Governance, Policies and Partnerships.

Promotion of Environmental and Natural Resources Conservation through Research, Advocacy, Trainings (Capacity Building), Development of Agroforestry initiatives, Soil and Water Conservation, Establishment of model farms/centers, Policies and Partnerships.

Enhancement of Food Security, nutrition and safety through Promotion of Climate-Smart Agriculture technologies, minimizing post-harvest losses and encouraging value-chain developments.

Promotion of Good Governance, Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Principles on all Thematic Areas as pertains to Civic Education, Public Participation, Efficient, Effective and Economic Use of Resources during Planning, Coordination, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Stages.

Promotion for Greater Access to Professional Care, Treatment and Support geared towards community based HIV/AIDS Management and Other Preventive and Curative Health Related Interventions.

Promotion of Sustainable Initiatives geared towards addressing Poverty Reduction, Disaster Response and Management, Clean and Renewable Energy, 4R (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) of Integrated Solid Waste Management, Blue Economy and Climate Change Interventions.

To increase self-sufficiency among women, children, Youth and marginalized groups through income generating projects and skills development/transfer.

Mainstreaming Gender Equity, Empowerment of Vulnerable Groups (Children, Youths, Women, Physically Challenged Persons and Elderly Persons) in Advocacy, Training’s and Poverty Reduction Initiatives as Well as Championing Substance Addiction Free Society.

Promotion of Sports and Progressive Cultural Activities for all round socio-economic Development

Advocacy for Grants, Linkages and Partnerships targeting our Thematic Areas.

Core Values


Community Service